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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we repair Blu-ray or DVD players? Most disc media players are less than seventy-five dollars with all of the features one would dream of in a player. Repairs on Disc players are only economical a small fraction of the time. Perhaps now would be a great time to upgrade to device that "streams" video from Amazon or Netflix

What type of televisions do we repair? Our repertoire is relatively limited and repair display devices that we are confident we can repair through internet research, etc. I often say I will only "enter the arena if I am sure I can win the battle". We are selective about which model / malfunctions we engage with (which will save me time and you money). Contact us for details.

Do you repair damaged video cassette or audio tapes? We are capable of repairing physical breaks and other minor damage to magnetic tape, however mold damage or wrinkles that require the tape to be repaired "inch-by-inch" is not our bag. Tape with decayed/poor quality or otherwise damage of an extreme nature can only be addressed by "forensic data recovery" specialists. Most of them only do hard-drive data recovery and can be extremely expensive.

Do we repair blue-tooth speakers / mobile devices / Mp3 players / tablets / video game consoles or video - photography equipment? No and we recommend a "factory authorized" or "factory certified' repair facility.

Audio equipment? For the most part yes. As a general rule, we avoid, and do not recommend repairs on most items manufactured in the 1970s or 1980s. We do not do turntables, reel-to-reel units, tube amplifiers, or "High End" audio. We can perform limited repairs on cassette decks and Compact Disc players and would recommend that you call us for more information.

How long is the warranty on your repairs? We are confident in our work and offer a SIX MONTH warranty on repairs (naturally some exclusions may apply).

How about other types of equipment and services? We charge $120.00 per hour for repair time. So some devices are simply not worth the investment. We definitely avoid the items listed below. But for a small fee, we may be willing to consider out of the ordinary jobs on an individual basis.

When in doubt, see who the factory recommends for the repair of their products: Locate a "factory authorized" or "factory certified' repair facility if possible.



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