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Albany Video Service offers consumer electronic repair with reasonable prices, since 1994

We feature repairs on CRT Televisions and can sometimes repair Video Cassette Recorders, VCR/DVD Combinations, DVD Players, and Audio Equipment.

 We also offer home theater installation!


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We sometimes perform in-home repair on Televisions. Arrangements can be made for "smaller" electronics..

Please telephone or email us for more information: FutureSounds[at]hotmail[dot]com / 510.524.4447

(We return telephone calls promptly, typically Tuesday through Friday.)



Frequently Asked Questions:


Do we repair DVD players?
Yes and no. We recognize the fact that DVD players, like most electronics, were expensive when new. Now that the format has been on the market for over a decade (and phasing-out), the cost of players has dropped radically. Most models are less than fourty dollars with all of the features one would dream of in a player. Repairs on DVD players are only economical a small fraction of the time. We recommend Albany merchants such as Target and Radio Shack as being good places to consider the purchase of a new DVD player. Perhaps now would be a great time to upgrade to Blu-ray that "streams" video such as Netflix; Blu-ray players can be found in the hundred-dollar range!

What type of televisions do we repair?
Our repertoire is relatively limited (by choice). We only repair the CRT type - no plasmas, LCD's or rear and front projection units. Basically, if it has a glass screen that is 36 inches or under in diagonal size, we can handle it. We can also work on Televisions with VCRs built into them (TV/VCR Combinations) but the ones with DVD AND VCRs built into them are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to work on for a host of reasons. We are selective about which model / malfunctions we do battle with. Contact us for details. Keep in mind todays Televisions (particularly with LED technology) save enough energy to pay for a replacement/upgrade. Television prices dropped dramatically in 2010.

How about VCRs or VCR/DVD combinations?
Manufacturers make it problematic to get parts. Most do not provide parts for "cheaper" electronic devices - meant to be "disposable". That being said, we have some VCR repair parts in stock, including video heads. Most older VCRs offer better performance. So if the repair is reasonable, and we have the part in stock, a repair may be justifiable. As far as VCR / DVD Combinations, the general rule is that as long as it is not a media/Disc "reading" issue, we may be able to fix your combination unit. When DVD players stop reading media, it usually represents a failure of the "optical pick-up" or Laser, rendering the player cost ineffective to repair.

I have a VCR with an analog tuner / is my VCR worth keeping [perhaps] to transfer videos?
Modern day DVD/VCR combinations do not have "tuners" built-into them and so if you record from a "cable" source you will find that to get a VCR that records you must buy a DVD-recorder (with a built-in VCR). This option is significantly more expensive than your average DVD/VCR combination. You may want to keep your "old school" VCR for a host of reasons, backing-up or "digitizing" your valuable VHS cassettes ranks amongst the top. Time is an enemy of magnetic tape. (Others include exposure to magnetic fields, mold/moisture and others.) "Newer generation" VCR's may not have the quality that you would expect from your older VCR. Perhaps your older VCR is "S-VHS". Explore your options. Keep in mind that interfaces that allow your computer to accept the signal from your VCR are everywhere. Tranfering directly to your computer can lead to a seamless transfer that can be digitally edited and archived. Perform an Internet search for "usb video capture devices". Perhaps you would like to have your VCR professionally maintenaced prior to the transfer process.
Here is a link to a thorough discussion on the mechanics of video tape construction

Do you repair damaged video cassette or audio tapes?
We are capable of repairing physical breaks and other minor damage to magnetic tape, however mold damage or wrinkles that require the tape to be repaired "inch-by-inch" is not our bag. Tape with decayed/poor quality or otherwise damage of an extreme nature can only be addressed by "forensic data recovery" specialists. Most of them only do hard-drive data recovery and can be extremely expensive.

Do we repair camcorders / digital cameras?
No, and we have no recommendation at this time.

Audio equipment?
For the most part yes. As a general rule, we avoid, and do not recommend repairs on most items manufactured in the 1970s or 1980s. We do not do turntables, reel-to-reel units, tube amplifiers, or "High End" audio. These units are best serviced by The Sound Well in Berkeley. We can perform limited repairs on cassette decks and Compact Disc players and would recommend that you call us for more information.

How long is the warranty on your repairs?
Albany Video service has gone above and beyond with its repair warranty. We trust our work, and this is why we offer a stunning ONE YEAR warranty on VCR repairs, and SIX MONTH warranty on televisions and audio equipment. The warranty covers the entire unit, not just the completed repair! (Naturally some exclusions may apply.)

How about other types of equipment and services?
We charge $60.00 per hour for repair time. So some devices are simply not worth the investment. We definitely avoid the items listed below. But for a fee, we may be willing to consider out of the ordinary jobs on an individual basis. Please call for more information. Portable/laptop (small DVD players with screens) are better off sent to the factory, where they will typically replace it with a refurbished one. We can not repair Hard-drive based "DVR" units like TiVo's. Video game consoles and hand-held gaming platforms must go to a "factory authorized" or "factory certified' repair facility.


Various Contacts - What we do not repair, and who we recommend:

We have no recommendations for camcorder or digital camera repair.

Vacuum cleaner experts: Berkeley Vacuum Center in Berkeley. 510.540.6248

Electronic parts and accessories: Al Lashers Electronics in Berkley. 510.843.5915

Audio equipment (that we can not handle): The Sound Well in Berkeley. 510.549.2126

Electronic recycling: Alameda County Computer Resource Center in Berkeley. 510.528.4052

Computers: DJ computers 510.527.7696 and Payless Computer 510.527.4905, both in Albany

Home control and theater installation (high end): Music Lovers Audio in Berkeley. 510.558.1000

Video duplication and reformatting: AV Consultants in Oakland. 510.839.2020


When in doubt, we advise our clients to see who the factory recommends for the repair of their products.

In other words, locate a "factory authorized" or "factory certified' repair facility whenever possible.



Please telephone or email us for more information: FutureSounds[at]hotmail[dot]com / 510.524.4447

(We return telephone calls promptly, typically Tuesday through Friday.)


Thank you for visiting our home on the World Wide Web! We look forward to serving you.


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